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Environmental Ethics

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The following is a list of common environmental issues

Because of all the damages to the environment, there has been a drastic decline in bio-diversity, of human, animal and plant life. If nothing changes, half of the earth’s species are expected to become extinct in the next 75 years.

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Environmental Issues

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Global Warming

          Global warming has been a product of the "greenhouse effect," a rapid increase of greenhouse gases. This is directly related to human activity, specifically, the fuel economy.



Air pollution

          Since the industrial revolution, we have been pumping harmful gases, such as aerosols and factory emissions, into the air and have been damaging the ozone. Air pollution also damages our respiratory systems causing diseases such as bronchitis. And because of deforestation, we are destroying the trees, which provide us with clean and usable oxygen.


Water pollution

          Marine life, which is also a large part our foods supply, has been devastated. From oil spills to garbage dumping, we have poisoned a large part of the marine ecosystem, causing the extinction of many species.


Land pollution

          Garbage and other debris clogs the land and promotes disease in humans, plants and animals.